Nov 24, 2010

Seeing double

I received a beautiful email from a woman, Shelly, introducing herself and her boy, Solomon, to me about 2 months ago. She had been an avid viewer of Cas's videos, as she was preparing for her boy to have an amputation. Cancer strikes again! (grrr...)

Solomon is an adorable fawn dane too. He lost his rear left leg exactly one week after Castor. (awww...) We decided to organize a 2-dog Tripawd Great Dane Meetup. (woo hoo!)

Thursday, November 18th
At 10 years old, he's getting along fabulously. Castor was his perky, prancing self too. It's so great to form communities around our special (danes), and now, even special-er (tripawd danes), beloved dogs.

They didn't play much together. Solomon was a tad nervous in a new environment, and Cas can't leave his rope alone some days. Still, it was great for us moms to chat about our challenges, our joys, and our gratitude for these amazing pups.

We didn't get great video footage of them playing; we were too busy enjoying ourselves. (Totally worth it!) Still, Cas is always ready to be photographed, it seems.

Though Shelly and Solomon have had a difficult time, first getting misleading (or at least incomplete) information about Solomon's condition in April, things are looking up now. Solomon's condition was reassessed after they moved to California in August. The oncologist in Berkeley recommended amputation, something Shelly originally thought impossible.

The great news is that Solomon actually had a different type of bone cancer, chondrosarcoma, one that they think surgery will cure. They keep checking the lungs for lesions, but the outlook is good. Great, huh?! Go Solomon!

I showed Shelly a few things Jackie, the PT, showed me, including muscle massages and how to strengthen Cas's back leg with modified squats so as not to hurt his knee. While we were there, might as well take a rest.

After the fun, I watched Solomon while Shelly brought the car closer to the entrance of the park. He was so worried. So was I! I kept worrying he would bump his head or trip over things, pacing back and forth. I forgot he and Cas aren't exactly the same. Solomon sees everything just fine. =)

Cas and I look forward to many more play dates with this sweetheart, who is so damn lucky to have such a dedicated mom.

Of course, her and I are luckiest.

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