Nov 21, 2010

Three down, three to go

I got to vet tech it up again the week before Castor's 3rd chemo appointment. Since Cas hates going to the vet so much, I decided it'd be really good for him if I could take his blood at home for his CBC. My wonderful vet clinic said they'd send it to the lab for me. So, Cas was spared a fearful trip, and I got to brush up on my tech skills. (Fun! I know it may sound weird, but I miss it.)

It went great. Cas is one of the best patients ever. The results this time were better, but not good enough to be sans antibiotics. This time his WBC count was just below 1,000. Oh well, we put him on the gold-priced Clavamox again, and waited for Thursday. He is still not having any noticeable side-effects from his treatments. He is perky, hungry, happy, and pooping like a champ. (That's right!)

Thursday, November 4th

One of the very best things about our trips to Davis is cuddling up with Cas in the car. In Auntie Robyn's Element, we get to nap in back, but this time Cas managed to snuggle up while I drove my car. Adorable Boy!

Another four weeks, another dose of carboplatin, but this time, Cas was up for chest rads too. Though my mantra is positive thinking our way to victory over this disease, I couldn't keep my nerves on board. I was anxious this visit. Only a bit though.

His CBC was normal as expected, so they gave him another treatment. This time, to try to avoid the big leukocyte drop, the doctor lowered his dose by 15% of the original.

She explained that since he barely dropped below 1,000, he shouldn't need antibiotics again. His numbers should hold above that with this further decrease in chemo. Sounds good to me since Clavamox is ridiculously expensive. Plus, I could do without shoving my hand into Castor's mouth twice daily.

We left him with the professionals and went to work at our favorite Davis coffee shop, Mishka's. I waited to here the (pretty) assuredly good news. He was only there for a few hours, and the tech called me to come back.

"He's ready to go home."

I usually appreciate brevity, but settle down there tech. "How were his chest rads?"

"The doctor can talk to you about them when you get here."

Lameriffic (not to be confused with lamériffic). Okay, well off we go.

Cas came loping out to us, and the Doctor soon after. And his chest...looks...GREAT! No lesions!!! Sweetness to the millionth power. She explained that everything looks great; he's a great patient, and so on.

Before we left she asked if we had any pictures or videos we could give to the surgeons. Apparently, they are so impressed with how well he gets around, because of his size (and eyesight, I imagine), that they want to have something to show other clients. That was the second best thing I'd heard all day.

Four more weeks until our next visit, and we'll check his lungs again at the 6th treatment, assuming all goes well until then.
I took Cas home, let him sleep it off. He is like a lump of bricks the night of chemo. He dreams like crazy, and I let him have 90% of my bed.

Despite his fatigue, he always eats dinner and always plays like a goof the next day.

I love this boy!

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