Oct 22, 2010

Playing with his kind

Saturday, October 2nd

We went to our first Bay Area Great Dane meet-up since Cas's surgery
the weekend after our non-chemo Davis trip. This was a joint meetup with the Sacramento group, so there were about 30 danes there! Cas was reunited with some of his Dane friends. Sweetness.

It was quite a trek for him to get up over the hill to the Dane's spot at Point Isabel, but he did it happily. He played a bit, stood a lot, and reveled in all the attention. It was a big workout for him, but he did great!

And we both (okay so me more than him) got to nap it off on the drive home.

I made him sit for a break in the middle. That way he could rest and I could make weird faces. Can you find the bed head in this picture? =P

He is gaining confidence every day, though he is a bit nervous when dogs are running fast near him. Last week on our morning park trip, two huskies were running around in huge circles when Cas decided to make his way toward me in the center of the park. Well, they ran right behind him, FAST, and Zoe ran right into his nub. (Zoe is an adorable husky who I can't help but think of as Hoshi in a Husky suit. Hoshi is my sweet grey kitty.)

He started yelping and crying and looking back at his hip. It was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I ran over and put his bum on my lap to take all the weight out of his back leg. He kept crying. About a minute later he was hopping tentatively around again.

He was fine. I think he was more scared than anything. He's still a tad trepidatious when dogs run crazy-style around him. Understandably so.

He has resumed his marking all over the park again, so I know that he's feeling like the big dog around here again. Just watch him show this stick who's boss.

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