Sep 3, 2010

On the road again, again

Days 8 & 9 - August 31st and September 1st

The blogging has been a bit stopped, because readjusting to SF and having multiple visitors have taken my full attention. I'm back now. Let's catch up! (Note: I have uploaded, possibly too many, videos to my youtube channel, bespeakmel. Some are embedded in my posts, but there are more, if you just can't get enough. ha!)

Castor's recovery is going fantastically still. His bruising is almost gone. He's hopping happily around the yard and house. He's demanding attention. In a cute way, of course. I've started giving him only 2 tramadols twice daily (down from 2.5 pills three times daily, right after surgery).

Me? Well, I'm hanging in there. I think the constantly being on guard and at Jen's finally started to get to me on Tuesday. And then there was the imminent departure thing.

Let the, transitioning begin
Ugh. That about sums it up.

Castor and I have become really comfortable here in Santa Ynez. The grass, the friends, the animals, the pleasing dry air (the last one is to be read sarcastically). And now, it's time to go back to our little home in the hilly city. (duh duh duhhh...)

Yesterday, I started feeling pretty irritable and more than a bit nervous. I have done a hell of a job at staying grounded and cheerful through the transition from quadru to tri. This new transition, from grassy space to marble stairs, is really testing my inner peace though. Also, I'm reaching exhaustion at this point.

As Castor soaked up the last day with his Auntie Jen, I worried about him adjusting to life in the city. We sat on the grass for several hours yesterday. Our only concern was the sodding flies, a small price to pay for the beautiful breeze and gentle sun also keeping us company. The simple sounds of horses nickering and leaves shuffling soothed me. And Castor's silly growl gave me the giggles.

I love those sweet moments when I am grateful for the oft-unnoticed pulses of life. (Thank you, life!)

Ready or not
Matt came back to pick us up on Wednesday morning. Cas greeted him with wags and kisses. I did a good job greeting him with smiles, despite my rising stress level. It's good to have such understanding, loving help. I can support Castor, but without my friends, I might not be holding myself up too well at this point.

So, we loaded up the Bug. Just like our first big move together to Madison, sans the kitties. I made a pillowed palace for him in the back, and we put all of our stuff on the luggage racks. Off we go!

Are we there yet?
I kept thinking, after about 45 minutes in the car. Thankfully, the last 3 hours went pretty quickly. Castor decided to be adorable, which distracted me for a while. While Matt and I argued about the dangers of texting, I breathed deeply.

"Gawd, I need some alone time," I thought.

In the same breath, I felt gratitude for all of Matt's help, especially letting Cas lick all over his face. (You say bad, bad breath, I say awww.) So, I tried to let the texting go, and Matt tried to let me do some of his texting for him. We compromised. How cute. (I still maintain that texting, eyes on the road or not, makes driving too dangerous to be acceptable. Plus, it seems that most states have already made it illegal. So, =P, Matt. )

We got to SF at about 8pm. It does feel good to be home. Plus, finally some summer weather here. It was 85 degrees when we arrived. Great weather, bad timing. Cas was panting like crazy. A fan and some ice cubes later, we settled down for the evening.

I don't remember how getting up the stairs happened, but it did. Tomorrow will be filled with stairs. Up and down. For tonight, we rest. I think his favorite part was being reunited with my (excuse me, our) queen bed.

My mom also flew in tonight for a visit. I'm so glad she's here, and I know she understands that the excitement in this trip will revolve around Castor's trials. The two most important creatures in my life are here, and I am filled with love. Not to mention the several others here with us that are high on that list.

Did I mention love?

Alone time can wait a little longer.

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